1. Finding the Balance
    Paul Williamson Quintet

  2. Barlines & Beyond
    Rob Burke, Debasis Chakroborty, Stephen Magnusson, Sam Evans

  3. Water Pushes Sand
    Australian Art Orchestra

  4. Many Rivers
    Nick Haywood Trio

  5. Monash Sessions: Kate Ceberano

  6. Histories
    Monash Art Ensemble

  7. Frame of Reference
    Sean Foran

  8. Monash Sessions: Tony Gould & Mike Nock
    Tony Gould & Mike Nock

  9. Live at Uptown
    Paul Williamson Quartet

  10. Sardinian Liturgy
    Angeli Burke Guerrini Magnusson Murray Tamborrino

  11. Way Out West
    Peter Knight

  12. The Knife
    Ben Winkelman Trio

  13. 50:fifty

  14. Travellers
    Keller Murphy Browne

  15. Everybody Loves Somebody
    Monique diMattina

  16. Monash Sessions: Kenny Werner
    Monash Sessions (feat. Kenny Werner)

  17. Spiel
    Paul Grabowsky & Niko Schäuble

  18. Amoroso
    Grey Wing Trio

  19. Ithaca Bound
    Allan Browne Quintet

  20. Power of the Idea
    Robert Burke

  21. The Monash Sessions: Enrico Rava
    Enrico Rava feat. Robert Burke, Paul Grabowsky, Mirko Guerrini, Stephen Magnusson

  22. Live
    Paul Williamson Quartet

  23. On This Day
    Omelette (Jordan Murray, Stephen Magnusson, Mark Shepherd, Ronny Ferella)

  24. Do True
    Robert Burke with Kenny Werner

  25. The Monash Sessions: Vince Jones
    The Monash Sessions: Vince Jones

  26. Hexis
    The Monash Art Ensemble with George Lewis

  27. Liminal
    Jex Saarelaht Trio

  28. Connect Four
    Paul Williamson feat. Tony Gould, Paul Grabowsky, Andrea Keller, Marc Hannaford

  29. Monash Art Ensemble
    Australian Art Orchestra & Sir Zelman Cowen School Of Music Students

  30. Jazz In New York
    Monash University: The Monash Sessions

  31. Monash Sessions: George Garzone
    Monash Sessions (feat. George Garzone)

  32. Hermeto Pascoal The Monash Sessions
    Hermeto Pascoal Featuring Doug deVries, Robert Burke, Paul Williamson, Jordan Murray,

  33. Lost In The Stars
    Allan Browne Trio with Marc Hannaford and Samuel Pankhurst

  34. Nola's Ark
    Monique diMattina In New Orleans

  35. Fact Finding Mission
    Trichotomy (formerly Misinterprotato)

  36. Jazzhead 12
    Various Jazzhead Artists

  37. 1234
    Nick Haywood Quartet

  38. Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra
    Kristin Berardi Meets The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

  39. Live At Bennetts Lane
    Robert Burke Quartet

  40. Sun Signs
    Monique diMattina

  41. Senses
    Monique diMattina

  42. Anyone Who Had A Heart
    Joe Chindamo

  43. Shreveport Stomp
    Browne Anning Hannaford

  44. Closer
    Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet

  45. In Cahoots
    Inside Out (Paul Williamson/Marc Hannaford/James McLean/Sam Zerna)

  46. Domestic Arts
    James Sherlock

  47. Welcome Stranger
    Monique diMattina

  48. Newell Waltz
    Howard Cairns Quintet

  49. The Gentle War
    Trichotomy (formerly Misinterprotato)

  50. Odysseys
    Ben Winkelman Trio

  51. Une Saison En Enfer (A Season In Hell)
    The Allan Browne Quintet

  52. The Effects Of Weather
    Way Out West

  53. Fiveways
    Jex Saarelaht Quartet

  54. Another Place Some Other Time
    Joe Chindamo

  55. Wrapped In Plastic
    The Escalators

  56. Here
    Rob Burke & Tony Gould

  57. Key To The Door

  58. Pazit
    Australian Jewish Music Ensemble

  59. Kaleidoscopic
    Julien Wilson/Stephen Magnusson

  60. Monash Sound Series 2008
    School Of Music Conservatorium - Monash University

  61. Homage
    Browne Anning Hannaford

  62. Stay
    Fallingwater Trio

  63. Treat Me Gently
    Barlow Coleman Fitzgibbon & Anning

  64. Duende - The Romantic Project
    Joe Chindamo

  65. Meeting of the Waters
    Mike Nock Project

  66. Kristin Berardi Band
    Kristin Berardi

  67. Old Grooves for New Streets
    Way Out West

  68. Variations
    Trichotomy (formerly Misinterprotato)

  69. Exordium
    Zac Hurren Trio

  70. The Drunken Boat
    Allan Browne Quintet

  71. Jazzhead: 07
    Various Artists

  72. The Spanish Tinge
    Ben Winkelman Trio

  73. Far Away Here
    Paul Williamson Quintet

  74. Carried by the Sun
    Keller Murphy Browne

  75. Jazzhead2006
    Various Artists

  76. All the Gravitation of Silence
    Peter Knight

  77. No Exceptions
    Sam Keevers Nonet

  78. No Conditions
    Sam Keevers Nonet

  79. Sometimes I Feel
    Alison Wedding

  80. Edge of Today
    Rob Burke

  81. A Tin Roof For The Rain
    Robert Burke & Tony Gould

  82. Gateway
    Robert Burke & Tony Gould

  83. In Is In

  84. Now for The Free
    Trichotomy (formerly Misinterprotato)

  85. Stomps Pieces and Variations
    Ben Winkelman Trio

  86. Jazzhead 2005
    Various Artists

  87. Trombone Bay
    The Beachniks

  88. Cyclosporin
    Allan Browne Quintet

  89. Los Cabrones
    Los Cabrones

  90. Fogg

  91. Jazzhead2003
    Various Artists

  92. Deep
    Red Fish Blue

  93. Gamla Stan

  94. Jazzhead2002
    Various Artists

  95. Live
    Dale Barlow

  96. Ears for Civil Engines (Mk I)
    Various Artists

  97. Ears For Civil Engines (Mk II)
    Various Artists

  98. Javabubbaboogaloo (Mk I)
    Various Artists

  99. Javabubbaboogaloo Mk II
    Various Artists

  100. Crowd Pleaser
    The Feeling Groovies

  101. Many Moods of The Beachniks
    The Beachniks

  102. The Pulse
    Various Artists

  103. East St Kilda Toodleoo
    Allan Browne's New Rascals

  104. Wangaratta Festival of Jazz 2000
    Various Artists

  105. Wide

  106. Offline

  107. Deadly Headly
    Dubble Dub

  108. Collision Course
    David Rex Quintet

  109. Hey, Guess What?

  110. James Sherlock Trio
    James Sherlock Trio

  111. Down Deep
    The Feeling Groovies

  112. The Future In Today
    Ian Chaplin/ Scott Tinkler/ Phillip Rex/ Scott Lambie

  113. Tjapangati
    Ian Chaplin Quartet

  114. Southwall
    James Sherlock Quintet

  115. Head on 05
    Various Artists

  116. Wide Eyed
    Rob Burke Quartet


Jazzhead Melbourne, Australia

The very best in Australian Jazz CDs. Jazzhead was established to release great new Australian Jazz in its various forms by Joe Camilleri and Andrew Walker. Concentrating on the progressive sounds of jazz while maintaining general accessibility.

From its inception, Jazzhead has pursued excellence in music and provided an outlet for great work of contemporary jazz.
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